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How and why to describe pain accurately to your doctor

Perhaps some, and maybe even for many, we might again consider the possibility that we can help people live well without pain. Explaining Pain EP refers to a range of educational interventions that aim to change one's understanding of the biological processes that are thought to underpin pain as a mechanism to reduce pain itself.

It draws on educational psychology, in particular conceptual change strategies, to help patients understand current thought in pain biology. The core objective of the EP approach to treatment is to shift one's conceptualization of pain from that of a marker of tissue damage or disease to that of a marker of the perceived need to protect body tissue.

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Here, we describe the historical context and beginnings of EP, suggesting that it is a pragmatic application of the biopsychosocial model of pain, but differentiating it from cognitive behavioral therapy and educational components of early multidisciplinary pain management programs. We attempt to address common misconceptions of EP that have emerged over the last 15 years, highlighting that EP is not behavioral or cognitive advice, nor does it deny the potential contribution of peripheral nociceptive signals to pain.

We contend that EP is grounded in strong theoretical frameworks, that its targeted effects are biologically plausible, and that available behavioral evidence is supportive. We update available meta-analyses with results of a systematic review of recent contributions to the field and propose future directions by which we might enhance the effects of EP as part of multimodal pain rehabilitation.

Curriculum is the cornerstone of education. It has been constructed as an up to date and highly practical text book that you can refer to over and over as you construct pain interventions.

Explain Pain Second Edition

It expands your knowledge base as a clinician and helps you apply the complex concepts effectively in your everyday practice. Explain Pain Supercharged Butler, D. Etiquetas Butler, D.

The book will provide you with: Entirely original content Applicable education strategies Curriculum development Hundreds of ready to use clinical metaphors and therapeutic narratives Supercharge your understanding and treatment of pain Explain Pain Supercharged is jam-packed with everything you need to provide effective, memorable, evidence-based, individualised pain education and treatment. Realign your thinking.

Professor Lorimer Mosely, The Pain Revolution , April 2017

Enrich your therapeutic narrative. Supercharge your pain biology. Develop your own accessible pain stories A collection of therapeutic narratives translates complex science into digestible nuggets and novellas. Tailor information to your learner.

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Adapt and create new curriclum Curriculum is the cornerstone of education.