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The result is an explosive page-turner of a book that takes us deep inside a shadowy, fascinating, and surreal world of unscrupulous doctors, anything-goes team directors, and athletes so relentlessly driven to win that they would do almost anything to gain an edge.

For the first time, Hamilton recounts his own battle with depression and tells the story of his complicated relationship with Lance Armstrong. This edition features a new Afterword, in which the authors reflect on the developments within the sport, and involving Armstrong, over the past year.

The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France

The Secret Race is a courageous, groundbreaking act of witness from a man who is as determined to reveal the hard truth about his sport as he once was to win the Tour de France. I was determined not to view Tyler H. He does a tremendous job of building up to that now famous question, "what would you do?

It answers so many questions like, how Lance could be so much better than everyone else? How can whole teams dominate major races? How can big guys win mountain stages?

How can non-dopers beat known dopers? Spoiler Alert: they can't. Furthermore, the book goes into excruciating detail about how the drugs work, and how "I never failed a drug test" was meaningless. Everyone knew, particularly after Coyle's first book Lance Armstrongs War, that Lance was kind of a jerk. If you are a kool-aid drinking member of the cult of Lance, you will hate this book.

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It shows him in all his hyper-type-A asshole glory, and I buy all of it. Overall, I have to admit I can really relate to Tyler. I have known a lot of Tylers during my time in cycling, shy, super-competitive people, who just like to ride their bikes. I don't think he wanted any of this, but when it was thrust upon him I think he did alright. After all, what would you do? Oct 14, Kelli rated it it was amazing.

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Sep 07, Deirdre rated it it was amazing. I knew Lance was a bully, but I had no idea how much he worked the system.

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I suspected it but now some of the details are emerging. As a cycling fan, I'm happy to see the truth come out. It's got to help the sport. I hope. The Secret Race is written in Hamilton's voice with Coyle filling in the details in footnotes. I've read a lot about cycling and doping but this was a new experience.

Hamilton's descriptions of procedures, pain, races, and fellow cyclists painted very clear pictures in my Wow. Hamilton's descriptions of procedures, pain, races, and fellow cyclists painted very clear pictures in my head. I could see the faces and expressions of the riders he described, including Lance's famous Look. This is a must read for cycling fans.

Let's hope our young cyclists don't have to make the same type of decisions that Hamilton and his peers did. If you have disdain for cycling because you think it's riddled with cheaters, you should read this to understand why cyclists felt they had no choice. If you think Lance is getting a bad deal from the USADA and the press, you should read this to understand why he had it coming. Oct 22, Shaun rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , non-fiction. NOTE: Review contains multiple quotes which may contain spoilers.

One word. After the race, I felt a new level of frustration as I watched the white bags get handed out.

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Marty used to be a few groups behind me; now he was a few groups ahead. I could count the number of seconds those white bags contained. I could see the gap between who I was and who I could be. Who I was supposed to be. This was bullshit. This was not fair. In that moment, the future became clear.

Unless something changed, I was done. I was going to have to find a different career. I began to get more stressed and angry. Not at Marty--after all, he was only doing what a lot of others were doing.

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  4. He;d been given an opportunity, and he'd taken it. No, I felt angry at myself, at the world. I was being cheated.

    a book review by Stephen Roulac: The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France

    It's roughly the number of days between the day I became professional and the day I doped for the first time. First year, neo-pro, excited to be there, young pup, hopeful. Second year, realizations. Third year, clarity--fork in the road. Yes or no. In or out. Everybody has their thousand days; everybody has their choices.

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    A lot of things, including the uses of testosterone and cortisone, synthetic blood, blood transfusions and the use of EPO, often referred to by its code name Edgar, as well as other things. What does being on EPO feel like? It feels great, mostly because it doesn't feel like anything at all. You feel healthy, normal, strong. You have more color in your cheeks; you're less grumpy, more fun to be around.

    These little clear drops work like radio signals--they instruct your kidneys to create more red blood cells RBCs , and soon millions more are filling up your veins, carrying oxygen to your muscles. Everything else about your body is the same, except now you have better fuel. You can go harder, longer.

    That holy place at the edge of your limits gets nudged out--and not just a little. Both increase the number of RBCs in the blood and thereby increase the bodies oxygen delivering capability. For years there was no test to detect EPO, and so as long as you maintained a hematocrit below 50, you were safe.

    Blood transfusions are especially hard to detect since you are essentially injecting your own blood back into your body. The difficulty in proving a biker was doping had to have made it that much more of a temptation. During my career, journalists often used the term "arms race" to describe the relationship between the drug testers and the athletes, but that wasn't quite right, because it implied that the testers had a chance of winning.

    It was more like a big game of hide-and-seek played in a fest that has lots of good places to hide, and lots of rules that favor the hiders. If it was light and watery, my hematocrit was low. If it was dark, it was higher.